Update: 3 day course graduates exceed the requirements for the nationally
accredited competencies: CPPSEC3013A Control persons using empty hand
techniques & CPPSEC3002A Manage conflict through negotiation


Welcome to ISR Matrix Australia's interim website. A new website is
under development and will be released later in 201
4. The ISR Matrix
International website is at

ISR Matrix was founded in Florida in 1996. It is a dynamic full spectrum integrated
system of subject control, defensive tactics,  personal protection and preservation
that thrives naturally throughout use of force continuums and mission specific
modes of operation used by law enforcement officers, security personnel, armed
forces and special response teams worldwide.

Unique in its ability to effectively provide its operators with the ability and
response-ability to function under all levels of resistance and pressure, the ISR
Matrix allows for rapid escalation and de-escalation of force within every response
level. This adaptable and measurable versatility allows for clear lines of tactics to
meet with specific resistance and threat levels as they present themselves and to
equally take control and resolve them as deemed necessary. From verbal on through
deadly force, the ISR Matrix therefore provides training protocols, operator
guidelines, strategic perspectives and the most functional tactics available to
intercede, stabilize and resolve situations as they transpire, evolve and change
moment by moment.

Designed, forged, and tempered through years of hands on experience, its unified
and open structure permits it to flow readily with existing systems and approaches
and provides peace officers, security personnel, special operations teams, hospital
orderlies, and civilians alike with the strategic perspective and tactical means to
engage, control, transport, escape or neutralize threats as necessary and to escalate
and/or de-escalate pressure as warranted. ISR matrix is a dynamic full spectrum
integrated system of subject control and personal protection that thrives naturally
throughout use of force continuum's and mission specific modes of operation used
by both sworn and non-sworn professionals worldwide.

From verbal on through deadly force, the ISR Matrix therefore provides training
protocols, operator guidelines, strategic perspectives and the most functional tactics
available to intercede, stabilize and resolve situations as they transpire.
ISR Matrix in Australia:

ISR Matrix has spread like wildfire in recent years across the USA and Canada.
The system until recently had not been advertised anywhere, least of all Australia,
and relied exclusively on word of mouth advertising. It is considered by many to
be the most FUNCTIONAL tactically, morally and legally sound violent subject
control system available in the world. IT JUST WORKS....

ISR Matrix International Instructor Trainers, assisted by the  ISR Matrix Australian
Regional Director, conducted a number of courses across Perth, Sydney and
Brisbane in 2008. Through 2008  to 201
4, dozens of open and restricted courses
have been conducted across Australia and Asia. Many government agencies and
several security companies have either hosted an ISR course or sent instructors
to a course.  In March 2010, ISR Matrix provided subject control and law
enforcement defensive tactics training for
Tactical Week Australia in Brisbane.  In
October 2010 ISR Matrix Australia demonstrations were held at Australian  
Warrior Expo in Canberra. ISR Matrix was also the only defensive tactics  training
provider involved with Land Warfare Conference 2010.

In 2012, ISR Matrix Australia was engaged to provide multiple instructor
development courses and redevelop the defensive tactics programs for multiple
Australian state and federal law enforcement agencies.

These courses have set a new benchmark in defensive tactics within Australia,
just as they have done in the USA. ISR Matrix is the only known Defensive Tactics
system that controls
highly aggressive subjects in a manner that is functional yet
safe and has low injury potential for both the subject and officer. Skills are
introduced, practised in isolation and then drilled safely in a series of evolutions
against an increasingly resisting opponent. Students acquire very practical and
functional skills in a short time frame. Please refer to testimonials or contact us
for further information.


"The only training
package we are aware
of that actually trains
people to deal with real
world violence, is that
done by ISR Matrix
Australia. The
implementation of this
package would result in
more capable Police,
less injuries to staff,
(including during
training), resulting in a
financial saving from
reduced sick leave, and
a perception that Police
deal with violence in a
professional and
controlled manner'
ISR Matrix rates a
mention on
Your Six blog

"Such training with a basis of
Aliveness and Use of Force
(Legal) concerns is
absolutely vital in todays day
and age for anyone
interested in time effective
self defence training"
Matrix Review and
Interview from
LowTech Combat

ISR Matrix -the
subject control and
personal protection
system that is taking
the world by storm!

As featured in:
Blitz Magazine, MMA
Sports, Black Belt
Magazine,  Response
Australia Magazine,
Australian College of
Professionals Journal,
Contact Magazine,
Police Downunder,
SWAT Magazine, Low
Tech Combat Blog
Watch Your Six and Law
Technology Magazine.
"Brilliant ..... used it to take
down and control POI's a
number of times.... ISR is easy
to learn, easy to teach  and
their stuff integrates
seemlessy with other skill
sets.... Highly, highly
recommend it to operational
officers!" - Chris, Police Trainer
"I would strongly recommend
this course to anyone within
the security and law
enforcement community, as
well as anyone who wants to
learn a simple and effective
means of defending
themselves. I will definitely be
attending any future
seminars"  Steven, Security
Trainer, former Police Officer
"We have been using and
training the ISR package in the
crew a fair bit now, and the
response from the guys is
phenomenal. We are routinely
using the helmet and
underhook and pike in
unarmed subject control now -
to great effect. The wrist
weave has become another
favourite". – K, Specialist
Policing Officer.
"Vastly superior to any
contemporary Police DT / OST
package in use in Australia
today...... Australian Police
organisations are performing a
disservice to their staff, and the
community they are expected
to serve, by not implementing
ISR" Editor, Response
Australia Magazine
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