ISR Matrix Tactical and Armed Forces Course (restricted enrolment)
CQB for small units, specialty teams, elite forces and military security specialists.
The ISR Matrix AF is designed to meet the needs of military and paramilitary personnel working as individuals or as part of special
response, anti-terrorist, and security teams. This training takes into account the various threats encountered every day in different
fields of operation yet upholds the rules of engagement of each group. The strategies and tactics employed have emphasis on
transition to and from firearms in close quarter battle, urban survival and team tactics. Certain aspects of the ISR-AF are also commonly
used to instruct S.W.A.T. / SRT.

AF builds upon the ISR Matrix LE foundation and is tailored for the role requirements of the unit. ISR-AF courses have been run for the
USA Anti-Terrorism Speciality Team and SWAT units since the 1990's. Building upon the core ISR material, an AF course can address
entry team combatives, terminal techniques, team tactics, clinch with cloth, ground applications, counter knife and offensive knife,
weapon retention, in car combatives, water combatives, hostage rescue, executive protection, aviation &public transport intervention,
counter-ambush, riot control and more.

Our senior consultant in this field has 33 years full time SWAT experience (over 5000 entries and multiple hijackings of ships, trains,
planes and buses) in addition to extensive military deployments through Asia, South America and the Middle East. All ISR Matrix AF
instructors have extensive special operations deployments and combat sports competition and coaching backgrounds. This material is
restricted to those with a valid occupational need and is not available to civilian enthusiasts. These courses are available to approved
allied Police Tactical Groups and military units only.

For further information or questions about the ISR Matrix Armed Forces modular programs or hosting specific specialty courses, please
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